- What is PMS ?

PMS or Portfolio Management Services are the kind of services offered by one portfolio manager to keep track of the investments and other things related to investments. This is a service which is usually beneficial for the huge business owners or investors to make their investment legit and safe. It helps to maintain all the essentials orderly. PMS is a must for those people who have a huge amount of income and want to invest on various things or platforms to gain more profit. PMS can be used in different platforms and there are many distinguished ways to use it successfully. Two of the most useful PMS are the PMS Stock market, PMS investments. There are many other portfolio management services but these two are the most important ones.


What are the different types of PMS ?

There are different types of PMS in the market right now. They can be categorized into four most important types. There can be a few other options as well but these four are of the foremost importance. 


  • Active PMS 


Active Portfolio management Service is provided by the manager who desires to achieve effective results than the over market is running on. This is the best PMS that you can expect from a Portfolio management person. The turnover of this kind of PMS is much higher than the others.


  • Passive PMS


This is exactly the contrary of the former one. Here, the manager only does the experiment part on the investments and informs the outcome. The profit in this kind of portfolio management is less and a long term process.


  • Discretionary PMS


In the discretionary PMS, the portfolio manager is given the admin power to control everything the owner has to offer. The manager has all the flexibility to invest and manage the right strategy. In this process, the risk is high and if it goes well then the profit is also enormous. 


  • Non-Discretionary PMS

In non-discretionary PMS, the manager plays the role of an advisor rather than a portfolio manager. The thing that the person has to do is to suggest and make some useful strategies to grow the investment. That’s the duty of the manager.

What is the benefit of PMS ?

  • The most important part of it is that it will reduce the amount of risk in terms of financial investments. PMS will certainly provide long term performance and continuous growth for your business and investments.


  • The manager can have full flexibility and that can be a huge opportunity to grow your business. The person can put on full freedom in terms of investments and achieve better results than expected. 


  • The risk in PMS is under control. If a business or a person has a PMS then all the things are under serious surveillance and each and everything remains under control and well balanced. That certainly helps in investing further on other platforms. As a result you will get more profit out of it.


  • The whole process runs freely without any sort of turbulence. The whole process stays under control. The manager usually reports about everything on a regular basis. The whole process runs in a customised way. 


  • The manager gives the customer genuine and well researched results about the investments and outcome. The PMS will certainly move your business to the top of the list if you can use it wisely and properly.


As a result, as an investor, you can trade stocks and securities in the equity market to achieve your investment goals. Before you begin investing in equities, make sure you find a good reputation stockbroker who can assist you in making better investment decisions. Look for features like free online Demat and Trading Accounts, as well as all-in-one, quick and simple trading platforms. Always go with a stockbroker who can recommend the best stocks and schemes. Research reports and charting tools are available through an IIFL Demat and trading account, which can assist you in making informed decisions.

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