- What exactly is equity?

Equity refers to the funds invested by shareholders in a publicly traded company. Equity funds also include a portion of the profits made by investors. The company uses equity funds to fund its growth and expansion.

Equity is a primary asset in the eyes of an investor. You can also choose to invest in derivatives, such as currencies, commodities, and bonds, which allow equities to diversify beyond stocks. Before investing in equities, keep in mind that you must have a strong understanding of the market fundamentals.


What precisely is an equity market?

An equity market is a marketplace for buying and selling stocks in publicly traded companies. Only companies that have listed a substantial part of their equities to public investors are referred to as listed companies. The stock market is another name for the equity market. With the additional help of a stockbroker, various traders buy and sell the company's stocks. You must assume that having a Demat account and a trading account is the first step in trading on stock exchanges. Always choose a trustable stockbroker who will allow you to open a free online Demat Account. When choosing a stockbroker, look for features such as cutting-edge trading platforms and access to comprehensive market reports.

What are the key features of investing equity?

  • Stock investments have historically provided the highest returns over long-term investment horizons. In fact, investing in stocks and securities can provide you with returns that exceed inflation. It is one of the most promising investment opportunities.


  • Investing in equities can also provide you with income in the form of dividends. Dividends are a type of corporate action in which publicly traded companies distribute profits to existing shareholders. Though it is not required for companies to pay dividends, they do so to signal profitability and to expand their investor base.


  • However, keep in mind that equities are more sensitive to market volatility. As a result, when investing in stock markets, you must conduct thorough market research in addition to exercising careful research.


  • By investing in equity instruments such as futures and options, you can reduce the associated risks.

What are the different types of equity market?

  • Market for Primary Stocks:


These are the shares that are available to the general public through initial public offerings (IPOs). The shares of a company are listed in the stock exchange once the IPO is completed. The NSE and the BSE are the two major stock exchanges that facilitate stock trading.

  • Market for Secondary Stocks:


What if you didn’t buy a company’s stock when it went public? On the secondary market, you can buy and sell these shares. You can plan your investment by deciding where you want to enter and exit. It’s important to remember that you can only trade stocks through a stock broker who is registered with a government-regulated depository and serves as a communication channel between an investor and the stock exchange.

What is the process in the equity market ?

Stock exchanges use three procedures to trade stocks and securities: trading, settlement/clearance, and risk management.

  • Trading:

Stock exchanges provide an open market for the purchase and sale of stocks and securities. This is fully automated and computerized, with traders being able to view trades on a screen before placing orders.

  • Settlement and clearing: 

During a trading session, stock exchanges settle trades according to a settlement cycle. The T+2 settlement cycle has been adopted by stock exchanges in India. This means that traders receive their credits or sale proceeds within two working days after the end of a trading session.

  • Risk management: 

Stock exchanges have a sound risk management system in place to prevent fraudulent activities and mitigate risk to investors. The following are some examples of risk management techniques:


  1. Demands for margins
  2. Assets that are liquid
  3. Pay-ins
  4. Close-out on a voluntary basis


As a result, as an investor, you can trade stocks and securities in the equity market to achieve your investment goals. Before you begin investing in equities, make sure you find a good reputation stockbroker who can assist you in making better investment decisions. Look for features like free online Demat and Trading Accounts, as well as all-in-one, quick and simple trading platforms. Always go with a stockbroker who can recommend the best stocks and schemes. Research reports and charting tools are available through a Mahabal Ventures and trading account, which can assist you in making informed decisions.

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